09 Jan

Classification of DC Motors

DC motors are compact machines with excellent dynamic properties, which meet the most different applications in the areas of process control. They are classified according to the type of connection of their fields, such as the permanent magnet motor, which is characterized by being a small power motor, very applied in the toy industry, the automotive industry and many other industrial applications.

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According to the voltage variation of the terminals will be the speed variation. The armature that is the rotating part of the machine is composed of an axis, and of a core of the armature made of steel plates with grooves, where the coils are located (winding of the armature) and a switch fixed on the shaft. The DC electric motor supports high currents.

The stator is responsible for the magnetic field that interacts with the armature, and is even mounted around it and is the static part of the machine.

The housing is formed by plates where the field winding is fixed. The brushes conduct energy from the commutator to the rotor and the coils are that form the poles.

06 Jan

How to Acquire Safety in the Operation of Engines

The safety products of an electric motor are intended to ensure the physical safety of workers by monitoring their hazardous areas and when accessed, are triggered immediately and in turn trigger the safe stop elements of the machine.


In new motors the safety components are already installed as they are an integral part of their design, and comes with the components to make adjustments such as safety relays, self-monitoring emergency button, light curtains and safety switches and panel Complete electric. These products are called Collective Protection Equipment – EPCs. When the risk assessment shows that engine entails a risk of injury, that risk must be eliminated. The way we achieve this will depend on the nature of the machine and the danger.

Adaptation services can be carried out, from the installation of the equipment, to the risk analysis, to the executive project, all within the Regulatory Standard NR-12, which defines the technical references, the fundamental principles and protective measures to guarantee the prevention of accidents, Preserving the physical integrity of the workers.

21 Dec

Industrial Electric Motor

Industrial electric motor has as primary function the activation of the equipment

The Weg electric motor was developed with excellent technology and this ensures that the electric motor has an extremely satisfactory performance. The engine is robust and has a long service life. Quality and safety are two factors that directly influence the electric motor, making it stand out in a way that this electric motor is acquired by many industries in general, not to mention metallurgical, construction, mining and others.

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The electric motor has three different segments and the user when acquiring it needs to understand the differences well to acquire the one that best suits their need. The industrial electric motor is a commercial electric motor or electric motor of direct current and each one counts on characteristics that make them different, but generally, the three-phase electric motor Weg has as primary function the drive of equipment and machines that assure its Maximum performance, so the Weg electric motor is the only one of extreme quality.

14 Dec

Single-phase electric motor operates on 127v and 220v

The single-phase electric motor operates on two voltages which are: 127v or 220v. The working coils of this electric motor are separated into two parts and in this way each part can be connected in series or parallel according to the voltage obtained in your electrical network.

The three-phase electric motor has six connection terminals. These terminals are responsible for closing the coils of the electric motor either for work in 127 or 220v, but between the single-phase electric motor there can still be two types of closure, in addition to the closures for 127v is different from the 220v and this reverses The rotation of the electric motor by means of the inversion of a pair of wires in this composition.

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The three-phase electric motor can be more complex at the time of design, but reversing the rotation is the simplest thing to do, but you must pay attention to its principle of operation.